Independent Director and Additional Director Vacancies: Scottish Fencing

The Board of Scottish Fencing is looking to appoint two new Directors, one of whom must be female, to join the seven directors elected from and by the membership.

Role Description

Scottish Fencing is the national governing body for the Olympic sport of fencing in Scotland.   It is responsible for the development of the sport in Scotland and for international fencing where Scotland competes as a separate nation.

The Mission is “To create world class pathways within the sport, inspiring the fencing community to master their chosen environment.”

We are volunteer led and much of what we do is carried out by volunteers in clubs, committees or on the Board of Directors.  Scottish Fencing has three employees, CEO (part-time), Pathways Manager and Operations Manager.

The Board is the primary decision-making body, responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation, the development of policies and programmes, and for oversight of day-to-day activities.

The Opportunity:

In joining the Board of Scottish Fencing you will gain experience of working as a leader of a small but dynamic Governing Body.   You will help to shape the future of Scottish Fencing, at a point where the relationship between sport, health and well-being is strengthening.  Re-invigorating the sport, getting people back into positive habits of participating and volunteering are key activities.  We are refreshing our four-year strategy and see areas of focus as: Changing Lives, Developing Active Coaches, Membership Engagement and Commercial Success.

The successful individuals will bring their skills and knowledge to the Board and develop an area of expertise and interest as part of an integrated team with the elected Board members.  Each Board Member holds a portfolio which we adapt according to the skills and interest of Board members, aligned to the organisational strategy.  Directors take decisions within their portfolios on behalf of the Board.

These two appointments are great opportunities for people with a passion for sport. They present opportunities for the development of new and existing skills, meeting new people and new networks, and making a genuine difference to sport in Scotland. 

Time Commitment:

We hold ten Board Meetings per year, usually lasting approximately two hours.  During 2020/2021 meetings have been by MS Teams.  Our intention is to continue with MS Teams as the main meeting method.  We will wish to meet face to face during the year, for strategy events or occasional discussions at sportScotland’s premises in Edinburgh.  You will also get involved in meetings,  events, and knowledge gathering around your portfolio.


The post is non-remunerated although travel and meeting expenses will be reimbursed according to Scottish Fencing’s Expenses policy.

Independent Director and Additional Director

Our Articles of Association include provision for two Independent Directors.  One is the Finance Director, who has been in post since 2014.  We are now looking to fill the second Independent Director post.

We are committed to being an inclusive organisation and the Board has decided to exercise the power in the Articles of Association to recruit an Additional Director to ensure the Board has at least three female members in line with good governance principles.  The eight current Directors are two women and six men.

Our elected Directors serve for four years.  These two appointments will be between two and four years by agreement.  All Directors have equal status and core responsibilities.

Terms and Conditions:

Directors are jointly accountable for the performance of the organisation; they elect one of their members to Chair the Board. 

Further information

Further information about Scottish Fencing and the Board can be found here  .  The current strategy ‘2019-2025 Forging the Future’ and ‘Welcome letter to new Directors’ might be particularly useful.

Recruitment Process:

Please complete the Online Application form before Monday 2 August, providing us with some information about your strengths, areas of interest and what attracts you to joining the Board of a Sports Governing Body.  Following the closing date, you will be invited to a Teams discussion with a couple of members of the Board. 

Should you wish to talk to a member of the employee team, or Board, email our CEO Vinny Bryson to arrange a time, or Sheila Anderson, HR Director

Please note:

This vacancy is not open to anyone who has been or becomes:

  • Disqualified from holding a Directorship in a Limited Company
  • Disqualified from being a Charity Trustee pursuant to section 69 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005
  • Suspended or removed as a Charity Trustee pursuant to section 34 of the same Act.

Note: you will need to complete the on-line application in one attempt as you cannot save progress and return to the form at a later time. To help prepare your responses before submitting your application you can find the full list of questions here.   

Date published: 09 July 2021
Date updated: 12 July 2021


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