Stepping Stones: Pool Lifegaurd (NPLQ / NRASTQ) 

Organisation: Stepping Stones 

Salary: £10.00 - £12.00 per hour depending on qualification 


  • Leith Academy (Edinburgh) - Saturday 10:15am - 12:15pm  
  • Portobello High School (Edinburgh) - Saturday 3pm - 4:30pm   
  • Portobello High School (Edinburgh) - Sunday 9am - 11am  
  • Queensferry HS (Edinburgh) - Wednesday 5pm - 7pm 
  • Queensferry HS (Edinburgh) - Saturday 10am - 12noon

As a lifegaurd you will be responsible for overseeing the safety of the poolside operations. Duties will include communicating with the Stepping Stones teaching team, the Stepping Stones office and parents. Access to email and a basic computer knowledge is essential.  

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Date published: 28 October 2020
Date updated: 28 October 2020


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