Safeguarding Officer: The Scottish Powerchair Football Association

The Scottish Powerchair Football Association are currently looking to add a new safeguarding officer to the team. Working on behalf of the governing body for powerchair football here in Scotland the successful applicant will get the opportunity to be part of one of the fastest growing disability sports and unique para-football sport 

The SPFA are looking for applicants with experience in the role and a person who is enthusiastic about the development of both grassroots and elite participation. The role will involve linking with our club safeguarding officers and international representatives. 

The safeguarding officer will report to the executive board of the SPFA in order to maintain and where necessary improve safeguarding procedures and policies.

As a Scottish FA game leader the Scottish Powerchair Football Association is excited to work with a new safeguarding officer.

The role is currently voluntary, however we do not anticipate the role to take up a vast amount of time.

To Register your interest please contact where further details will be discussed.

Job description


The primary duties of a safeguarding officer are as follows;

  • Ensure Safeguarding Policies are followed as set out by Scottish Football Association
  • Support Scottish Para-Football Secretary in any appeals hearings related to Safeguarding
  • Support Scottish Para-Football Secretary in implementation of any Safeguarding policies, procedures or information packs
  • Support Scottish Powerchair Football Association Secretary
  • Sit on any Disciplinary committees as appointed
  • Liaise with association Powerchair football club safeguarding officers
  • Promote a safe environment for Scottish Powerchair Football members

In addition to the above statutory duties, each trustee should use any specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to help the board of trustees reach sound decisions. This may involve scrutinising board papers, leading discussions, focusing on key issues, providing advice and guidance, or other issues in which the trustee has special expertise.

Additional Duties

  • Ensuring that the organisation evaluates any safeguarding issues
  • Safeguarding the good name and values of the organisation
  • Ensuring the effective and efficient administration of the organisation, including having appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures in place.

Person specification

  • Experience in a safeguarding field
  • A commitment to the organisation
  • A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort
  • Good, independent judgement
  • An ability to think creatively
  • An ability to work confidentially
  • A willingness to speak their mind
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities
  • An ability to work effectively as a member of a team
  • A commitment to Nolan’s seven principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.
Date published: 08 September 2021
Date updated: 08 September 2021


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