Chairperson: Forth Valley Disability Sport (Voluntary)

Role Title:                         Chairperson of Forth Valley Disability Sport (Voluntary)

Responsible to:                 Forth Valley Disability Sport management committee

Location:                           Stirling

Term:                                Minimum 1 year (can be re-elected at annual AGM for a maximum of 3 years)

Forth Valley Disability Sport (FVDS) is a charity where the main aim is to lead in the development of sport for people with physical, sensory or learning disability in partnership with key local agencies in the three local authority areas of Stirling., Falkirk and Clackmannanshire.  FVDS is a member branch of Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) who are the governing body of sport for athletes and players with a physical, sensory or learning disability.

As chair, you will have a strategic role that is involved with representing the vision of the Branch. You will be responsible for strategic matters, and setting high standards. The chairperson plays a pivotal role in increasing the effectiveness of the Board and individual committee member and wider partners. You will be responsible for ensuring that there is effective communication with the leadership team and acting as a sounding board for the FVDS Coordinator.


Skills Required:     

  • Good decision maker, ensure matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner, and bring impartiality and objectivity to meetings
  • Well organised, enthusiastic and drive in partnership working
  • Confident at keeping order during meetings


Main Duties include:

  1. Lead the management committee and the affairs of the organisation.
  2. Oversee and guide all decisions taken by management committee and sub committees
  3. In liaison with the co-ordinator, oversee the work of all officers
  4. Liaise with the secretary on the agenda for each meeting and approve the minutes before they are circulated
  5. Liaise with the Treasurer to ensure funds are spent accurately and in the best interests of the branch
  1. Help to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required (e.g. VAT, grant aid reports)
  1. If unable to attend any committee meeting, a written update/ report could be sent to the meeting and the Vice Chair briefed on the agenda


Time Commitment: (Roughly 5- 7 hours per month)     

  • Attend/ Chair FVDS Committee Meetings (6 per year)
  • Liaise with the FVDS Coordinator on matters arising (bi – weekly)



All applicants should send a note of interest to detailing why you are interested in the role and any relevant skills and experience before Friday 26th August 2022. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Graham Harvey on the above email or phone 07895093109. We will be in contact with any interest applicants throughout the process on suitable interview dates.  

Date published: 05 July 2022
Date updated: 06 July 2022


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