Team Rowing - Junior Technical Content Producer/Programmer

Location: Scotland (Edinburgh)/Remote (work from home).

Duration: Full-time, but flexible.  May be suitable for a student intern who wishes to continue part-time employment after the summer.

Hours: Flexible, at least 24 hours each week. This role is suitable for a student internship (see above) or graduate.

We are offering an incredible opportunity to help us bring Connected Coaching workouts from world class coaches and Olympic Champions to life via the asensei app.  On any given day you might be on a Skype call with 4x Olympian and 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Eric Murray, helping Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing bring innovative guided coaching programs to his 30k followers or working with some of the leading figures in world rowing such as athletes and coaches from British Rowing, who wish to extend their influence by accelerating their digital strategy.  You'll work as a key member of the delivery team to take rowing programs from coaches and translate them into software programs that allow asensei to guide, monitor and correct athletes as they workout.  To achieve that goal you'll have an understanding of how great coaching works and you will be able to use and develop skills such as basic video and audio editing to create engaging content suitable for all levels of athlete.  We're a relatively small team with big targets to hit, and so there'll be no shortage of opportunities for you to gain a wide range of experience.  We are looking for resourceful and adaptable people, who have a good understanding of sport and activity coaching through participation as an athlete or coach and who have a passion for bringing coaching programs and workouts to life. We’re a Silicon Valley venture backed startup with Scottish roots. That’s why we’re scaling up our team in and around one of our founders in Edinburgh, but offering fully remote work so you’re a first-class citizen in a team covering the globe.


In this role, you'll work with coaches to bring their teaching and training programs to asensei customers around the world. Focussed mainly on rowing.  As a rower or athlete, you'll be helping transform coaching programs from abstract descriptions into fun and educational multimedia workouts, then testing and improving them on your own Concept 2 rowing machine. As a content creator you may be doing some basic editing of audio or video footage to create a meaningful and memorable workout.  As a programmer, you'll be principally translating coaching programs into a JSON format representing a proprietary description language that allows asensei to guide, monitor and correct athletes on a coach's behalf. As a member of a fast-paced venture backed startup, you'll be working with software engineers, user-experience designers, our content and marketing teams, to make sure that your fingerprints are on a world-class coaching product.


  • Technical proficiency to develop workout descriptions using JSON description language
  • Comfort setting up a development environment, and compiling/deploying applications using scripts or tools such as git, XCode
  • Learn how to develop Connected Coaching workouts and programs with asensei's proprietary description language based on JSON
  • Deploy programs and workouts you create to staging environment
  • QA and test programs that you and others create (we'll give you a Concept 2 of your own)
  • Work with engineering to recommend features and capabilities that improve our product, processes and tools.
  • Great team player, able to communicate clearly and willing to learn new skills and help solve problems across the business.
  • Be prepared to work across timezones from time to time - particularly UK and West Coast USA and also New Zealand - to collaborate with our coaches.

Bonus points if you:

  • Have an interest in taking on software development tasks.
  • Have a familiarity with editing and manipulation of audio and video files.
  • Have familiarity with collaboration tools including Confluence, Jira and Notion
  • Are an athlete or coach, or someone who understands how to deliver world-class coaching programs.

How to apply:

  • Send your resume/CV to

About asensei:

Founded in 2014, asensei is democratizing access to world-class sport coaching, by allowing athletes of all abilities to following coaching programs led by world-class athletes and coaches, in the sport of their choosing. Our Kinetic Capture™ technology gives asensei sport-specific understanding of posture and movement by embedding motion capture capability into regular sports apparel. The asensei experience can be accessed as easily as pulling on a shirt or pair of shorts, allowing asensei to guide, monitor and correct your practice with real-time feedback. asensei is changing the way aspiring athletes practice sport and fitness, by letting them progress along their own path as they follow coaching programs from sporting heroes.  Our iOS application delivers Connected Coaching from Olympic athletes in the sport of indoor rowing in conjunction with a Concept 2 rowing machine.

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Date published: 23 April 2021
Date updated: 23 April 2021


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