STS Business Vice Chair

Role Type: Non-Executive Director
Term of Office: 3 Years (Maximum of 9 Years, see below)
Committees: Board of Directors (member)
Business Development Working Group (Chair)

The Business Vice Chair provides an exciting opportunity to work with a new governing body, through a time of growth and development, underpinned by our refreshed strategic plan. It is the perfect time to get involved and help develop the structure, partnerships and direction of the business side of the governing body to ensure the governing body operates effectively as a business, delivering transparent decision making and best practice governance, using resources wisely and generating money to re-invest in the development of the sport. Applicants don’t need to have prior knowledge of target shooting, but expertise in business and a willingness to throw yourself into this brilliant sport are important.

Who Are Scottish Target Shooting?

Scottish Target Shooting (STS) is a unified governing body created in 2016 to help develop the sport of target shooting in Scotland. As a new governing body, we are looking to have a positive impact on clubs and help individuals of all abilities, across all the various disciplines of the sport. Having completed our last 4 year investment cycle this is an exciting time to join the Board and be involved with the organisation midway through our current 4 year cycle as we implement our strategic plan, focusing on supporting and growing the different varieties of target shooting from the grassroots up to Commonwealth and Olympic Games level. With STS receiving increased investment as part of this cycle, it’s more important than ever that we make sure our finances are used appropriately to maximum effect, making the best use of the resources available to us. The Business Vice Chair will work with the Chair, Finance & Fundraising Director and Marketing and Communications Director to ensure STS not only professionally governs the sport but also operates as a business, demonstrating good practice and continually looking how it can maximise its potential to better support the sporting side of operations.

What Will Be My Tasks and Responsibilities?

The Business Vice Chair will provide strategic leadership over the company’s business decisions, ensuring the business is operating according to best practice. The role will ensure the Board fulfils its business responsibilities and works with staff to ensure business partnerships are maximised. You will be asked to drive the following areas, supported by your fellow directors on the Board and staff:

  • Set the agenda, chair, facilitate and plan the annual cycle of Business Management Group meetings
  • Provide a strategic lead for staff on governance and corporate matters to ensure it is efficient, effective and fit-for-purpose
  • In the absence of the Chair, represent STS at various formal and informal functions and meetings
  • Scrutinise the performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives
  • Work with the Finance & Fundraising Director to ensure the integrity of financial information and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible
  • Understand the views of the membership directly and through fellow directors and staff
  • Complete any additional projects as requested by the Chair

How Long Will I Be Expected To Serve For?

The Business Vice Chair follows the same terms as all directors, with the exception of the Chair. The Business Vice Chair will serve for 3 years (or until the AGM in 2026, whichever is sooner). Following completion of the first term, there will be an opportunity to discuss whether the post holder and Board both have a desire to continue for a further term of 3 years. If the second term is completed, this process will be repeated and there will be an opportunity, both parties agreeing, for the post holder to serve a third (and final) 3 year term. Upon completion of a third term, the post holder must step down from the Board. On standing down from the role, the individual is not eligible for appointment to a Board position for a minimum period of 12 months but is still able to serve on Working Groups, if appropriate and willing to do so.

What Will Be My Annual Commitments?

The following meetings are the regular, scheduled meetings that can be planned in the diary in advance. There will be times when other meetings are required but the volunteer aspect of the role will always be respected:

  • 4-6 STS Board meetings held for 2-3 hours every 2 months
  • 3-4 STS Business Development Group meetings held for 2 hours every 3 months
  • STS AGM held on a weekend day in April

Is This A Paid Position?

This position, as with all other Non-Executive Directors on the STS Board, is unpaid. However, all reasonable out-of-pocket expense incurred on STS business will be reimbursed immediately via BACS.

What Is The Organisational Structure?

The Business Vice Chair is an Officer of the Board and a Non-Executive Director, appointed in accordance with the Articles of Association. The Business Vice Chair is also the Chair of the Business Development Group.

What Knowledge, Skills & Qualities Are Required?

Applicants are not expected to fulfil all the criteria but should be able to demonstrate the majority of the following:

Knowledge & Experience:

  • Experience of financial management and preparing financial reports
  • Experience of working on or with a Board or management committee


  • Willingness to participate in the governance of the company and the Board
  • Some understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and need to respect confidences
  • Working knowledge of financial systems for recording and reporting
  • Qualified member of an accountancy body or holder of an equivalent qualification

Personal Qualities:

  • Uphold high standards of integrity
  • Support other Directors of STS while monitoring their own conduct
  • Question intelligently, debate constructively, challenge rigorously and decide dispassionately
  • Listen sensitively to the views of others

What Is The Application Process?

Applicants are required to submit a Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter outlining why they think they would be suitable for this role, what their strengths are and any future aspirations they might have for STS.

Applications must be submitted using our Online Application Form 
Email with subject ‘STS Business Vice Chair Application’

By the deadline of 23:45 on 31st May

Stage 1: All applicants will receive a response confirming receipt of their application. A review will be made of all applications and each applicant will be informed if they have been chosen for stage 2.

Stage 2: Applicant selected for stage 2 will be invited for a discussion with the STS COO and another Board member. All candidates will then be contacted to be told if they have been successful or not within 2 weeks of the discussion. The successful candidate will begin at an agreed date and will receive a handover and induction meetings with STS staff.

I Have Questions About The Role, Who Can I Contact?

If you have any questions about the role, history of STS, organisation structure or anything else that will help inform your decision to apply, please speak to the STS Chief Operating Officer. Please call the STS Office on 0131 467 2489, email on or schedule a call by following:

STS is an equal opportunities employer, we welcome applications from all members of the community.

Date published: 3 May 2024
Date updated: 3 May 2024


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