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Director: Pathways
The Scottish Council of Taekwondo Ltd

This is an exciting time for the sport of Taekwondo in Scotland. Last year most of the Taekwondo groups and clubs in Scotland came together to form a Scottish Governing Body – The Scottish Council of Taekwondo Ltd. SCoT was officially recognised in January 2018 by the UK Sports Institutes – including sportscotland.

With a registered player population of around 17000, a fractured group of member clubs and one paid member of staff, SCoT as a newly recognised body faces some challenges in delivering the basics of Governance, Safeguarding and Equality to its membership. This is now well underway.

We now need to turn our attention to meeting one of our key strategic priorities – the development and rollout of a complete Education Pathway. At the same time, given the integral nature of qualifications and performance we would look to the Director to create a Participation/Performance Pathway as well.
SCoT expects to have a compelling Membership Offer, the foundation of which will be our CRM, E-Learning platform as well as Governance, Safeguarding and Equity mentoring/support. Please note, one aspect of our learning & development that will be integral to all qualifications is Inclusion/Disability.

Priorities are:

  1. To evaluate existing qualifications vis a vis being fit for purpose and launch.
  2. Evaluate existing e-learning content and integrate into qualifications
  3. Create link with sportscotland Coaching framework for resources including safeguarding and equality
  4. Deliver a strategy for the development of the education pathway (NB Officials as well as coaches/instructors)
  5. Commence the development of a participation pathway based upon the SCoT participation model in its development plan.

Role Description
SGB Name: Scottish Council of Taekwondo Ltd.
Role: Pathway Director

Must be able to demonstrate:

  • Integrity: High ethical standards
  • Sound judgement: Willingness to challenge
  • Leadership: Ability to gain respect and attention
  • Critical thinking: Creativity, strategic awareness, taking a wider view
  • Business acumen: Ability to identify new opportunities, embrace change, innovate
  • Political astuteness: Diplomatic.
  • Learning: Willing to learn and develop self.
  • Primary legal responsibilities: Understanding of and compliance with the legal responsibilities of being a Board member
  • Knowledge of CRM technology (eg GoTO Membership from Azolve) and the opportunities for growth and develop using such a system
  • Experience of growing a membership via innovative membership offers
  • Commitment: To attending Board meetings and participation in relevant debates. Willingness to take on subsidiary Board activities. Prepared to use skills, knowledge and experience as a mentor as and when required.

Time Commitment:
Board meetings are held on a regular basis. Currently once every month.

The posts are non-remunerated although travel and meeting expenses will be reimbursed according to the SCoT policies and procedures.

The Chair will manage the individual performances of Board members and will be the line manager for the Executive Officer.

Term of Office
Directors will serve office for three years at a time. They may be elected to serve consecutive terms on only one occasion.

Please note:
This vacancy is not open to anyone who has been disqualified from holding a Directorship in a Limited Company.

SCoT is an equal opportunities employer and aims to provide an operating environment free from any form of harassment, intimidation, victimisation or unjustifiable discrimination. We aim to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of discrimination. All appointments are made purely on the basis of merit and ability.

Applications should take the form of a letter outlining how the applicant meets the criteria above sent to By 5pm 29th February 2020

Should you wish to discuss the role, please call Jane Harvey: 07811962109

Date published: 14 February 2020
Date updated: 14 February 2020


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