Gymnastics Coach – Edinburgh University Gymnastics Club

Edinburgh University Gymnastics Club is looking for gymnastics coaches for practices at St. Leonard's Land in Edinburgh.

Coach must have a Level 2 or higher qualification in Women's Artistic, Men's Artistic, Acrobatic, General, TeamGym or Tumbling.

The position will be part time, beginning in September, with the option of working our Wednesday afternoon and/or Thursday Evening Session, each 3 hrs long, with the possibility of picking up extra hours from our Saturday afternoon session depending on availability. 

£8/hr for a level 1.

Coaches may also be asked to cover competitions or other activities our club participates in, paid at the same hourly rate, and with travel expenses covered. Additionally, our club offers support if one of our coaches desires to enter a course to get a further qualification.

For more information on our club, check out our website.

Interested applicants should contact Ethan Rummel, either via email at or via phone by texting to 07460 710 390.


Date published: 01 October 2019
Date updated: 07 October 2019


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