Community Sports Hub Officer: High Life Highland


Vacancy Ref: CHLH/2205/10

Job purpose: 

Develop Community Sport Hubs and maximise participation in sport within local communities across the Highlands.

Key duties and responsibilities include:            

  1. Support the development and implementation of a Community Sport Hub Strategy and Action Plan for Highland.
  2. Work with a range of partners to enhance the provision and support for sport and physical activity in Highland Communities e.g. Schools, Sports Clubs, Leisure Centres, Active Schools, The Third Sector Interface and other community organisations.
  3. Develop positive relationships and work jointly with Head Teachers and associated staff in school-based hubs to lead development.
  4. Lead on the establishment of projects in each site and on developing long term sustainability.
  5. Work with local stakeholders to examine needs and establish action plans for each site.
  6. Establish Community Sport Hubs aimed at increasing community involvement in the delivery and development of sport and physical activity in Highland.
  7. Increase the profile of hubs through the development and publication of high quality promotional and marketing materials.
  8. Regularly monitor and report on club membership statistics to track increase in participation.
  9. Seek internal and external resources and funding support which will support the objectives of the Community Sport Hub programme and sports clubs with specific reference to widening opportunities.
  10. Through partnership working with the Regional Coaching & Volunteering Group, sports clubs and National Governing Bodies contribute to an annual training programme (including sports leadership) for coaches, volunteers and facility staff.
  11. Train associated staff on remit and role of hubs to improve the understanding of the model.
  12. Develop access/inform programming to school and club facilities within catchment of hubs.

Salary: £32,78 - £36,090 per annum

Hours: 35 hours per week

For further information contact: Rory Cross 07521 655 755

Further information and applications 

Closing Date for Applications: 28th of June 2022

Date published: 08 June 2022
Date updated: 08 June 2022


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