Broughton FP Rugby Club: Physiotherapists / First Aiders

Broughton FP Rugby Club, based at Wardie in North Edinburgh, are looking for one or more Physiotherapists / First Aiders to support our men’s and women’s teams.

Duties - Applies to one or more Physios or Physios / First Aiders

Medical equipment and medical bags

  • Maintain medical room to suitable standard
  • Maintain an inventory of medical equipment in the medical room
  • Replenish as required
  • Prepare medical bags for each team playing (Men, Women) ready for Friday morning before each game.
  • Ensure medical bags returned to medical room at Wardie after each game
  • Advise Committee on medical equipment required.


  • During season, attend training one night a week – preferably Tuesday, but Thursday by agreement – to assess and attend to injuries, offer advice, etc
  • During pre season, attend training on selected Saturdays as well to assess and attend to injuries, offer advice, and supervise warm up / stretching / warm down.


  • Attend Men’s (Saturday) and Women’s (Sunday) games with medical bag
  • Assist with preparing players beforehand – eg, strapping muscles, helping warm up, etc
  • Attend to injuries during the game – assess / treat as required.  
  • Call external medical help as required (ambulance) or make arrangements for players to attend outpatients department (no need to accompany if able to go by themselves or have others take them.)
  • Complete any reportable injury forms after games and submit to SRU with player’s permission.

Records, Advice, Treatment

  • Maintain notes on all injuries (injury log) and players’ on-going injury problems
  • Provide advice to players on injury avoidance and treatment
  • Provide advice to coaches on injury avoidance
  • Provide active treatment as required.

Expense Payment is based on hours worked.

  • £15 per hour plus travel costs if qualified.   £10 per hour if not fully qualified.
  • Based on 5 hrs a week – 2 hours training Tues or Thurs, plus 3 hours Sat) or 8 hours when Women playing on Sundays.

Applications or enquiries to the club Vice-President:

07804 374 509


Date published: 07 September 2017
Date updated: 07 September 2017


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