Board of Directors: Scottish Canoe Association (SCA)

The SCA is a membership organisation with a wide range of volunteers involved in running and overseeing all aspects of our sport. Each year there are opportunities for individuals to join the Board of Directors.

In 2022 these Director posts are scheduled to be:

  • General Secretary
  • General Director

The appointment of directors is carried out with reference to a skills matrix which is maintained to ensure that the board collectively have the required knowledge and experience to oversee the activities of the SCA. 

Descriptions for each role due to be elected in 2022 set out the experience, personal characteristics and time commitment required. All Director roles require a degree of experience and expertise serving on boards and committees, and candidates will be expected to demonstrate a good knowledge of governance, compliance, finance and of developing and implementing vision and strategy. All Directors are subject to the SCA Conflicts of Interest Policy which involves registering relevant interests at the start and updating these as circumstances change.

Directors serve three year terms and applications are sought from individual members willing to serve in the above roles until the 2025 AGM. Directors are expected to attend five board meetings per year.

These voluntary roles are not remunerated, however the SCA does reimburse Directors for agreed out of pocket expenses incurred in the course of their duties. 

The deadline for applications is 30th June. Applications are especially welcome from individuals within groups currently under-represented on the SCA Board, such as women, disabled people, those from black and minority ethnic communities and people aged under 50. Participation in SCA Director meetings can be via online conferencing.


Once the 30th June closing date has been reached the SCA Appointments Committee will review the applications that have been received and plan to invite candidates to an interview, anticipated to be in July or early August 2022, via online conferencing. The Appointments Committee makes recommendations to the SCA Board at the August Board meeting regarding suitability of candidates for the roles that they have applied for, based on the application forms and interviews. An election for President and General Secretary will take place at the AGM and all candidates for this role who have been ratified by the Board will be put forward for a vote by SCA members. The General Director role is appointed by the Board and the name of the person taking up the role will be announced at the AGM in November.

Further information and applications

Date published: 25 May 2022
Date updated: 25 May 2022


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