BME Outreach & Development Officer: Boots & Beards

Location Remotely and B&B Office
Time commitment 35 hours per week
Salary Between £26,000 - £29,500
Reporting to Lead Manager/CEO

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The post holder will lead and inspire partners to support Boots & Beards vision of connecting BAME communities with the Scottish outdoors. This will include creating and developing effective partnerships, maintaining internal relationships, whilst ensuring the development and delivery of appropriate programmes and projects against Boots & Beards corporate plan.

The post holder will lead investment processes, as well as the delivery of national programmes at a regional or local level. The postholder will also provide support to co-ordinators, Boots & Beards managers, local partners and others to deliver business plan outcomes in relation to hillwalking/climbing, Duke of Edinburgh, badminton and bootcamp.


  • Create and develop effective partnerships with appropriate individuals and key external agencies at a local, regional and national level.
  • Work with partners to develop and action priorities in relation to Boots & Beards outcomes and volunteering frameworks.
  • Add value to the work of local authorities, governing bodies and other key partners, including managing the inputs and outputs of partnership agreements.
  • Manage the investment process and support the development of internal processes on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensure effective communication processes are developed and maintained with key agencies including Scottish Government, Scottish Governing bodies of sport, Local Authorities, leisure trusts, the private and voluntary sector and partners in education and health.
  • Work with internal colleagues from Boots & Beards and Partners to co-ordinate annual investment decisions and/or programme development areas.
  • Ensure that the design and delivery of Boots & Beards projects are effectively integrated across the width of the corporate plan objectives and across all teams within Boots & Beards.
  • Work with the appropriate management team and colleagues in the other directorates to establish the future direction of specific Boots & Beards programmes, projects and policies.
  • Create and develop effective projects and programmes with key external agencies at a local, regional and national level, including:

Expand our current Duke of Edinburgh programme and make links with community groups around the city.

  • Implementing a needs led workforce development programme, supporting Boots & Beards team and local authority area priorities.
  • Lead and manage the implementation of regional programmes such as the recruitment, retention, development and deployment of volunteers and coaches through school, club sport and performance sport.
  • Ensuring effective budget management and reporting in relation to agreed priorities.



    • A degree and/or other relevant experience or qualifications in a sport and/or business-related discipline is desired.

Specific Experience:


    • Significant experience of growing partnership relationships at a senior level with local or national organisations.
    • Experience of leading and managing local or national projects and programmes.
    • Experience of working as part of a sports development or project driven team delivering against a corporate plan/business plan.


    • Some exposure to or work experience with sport/mountaineering related organisations.
    • Knowledge and understanding of the current context of the sporting/mountaineering within Scotland and the UK.



  • Should have around 1-3 years experience of growing ‘partnership’ relationships at a senior level, ideally gained from managing a programme within one of our core value.
  • Ability to lead and manage projects and programmes.
  • An understanding of the general context/environment for mountaineering. 
  • Understanding of coaching and volunteering within the context of mountaineering.
  • Demonstrable planning skills, such as budgetary management and control.
  • Change management skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate with and directly influence a broad spectrum of key partners and stakeholders, both internally and externally.


  • No line management responsibility.
  • Responsible for monitoring and overseeing the allocation of approved investment.
  • Responsible for the balancing/monitoring of allocated resources (mainly staffing) to partners on a time and priority basis, and subsequent value evaluation.
  • Responsibility for managing budgets up to circa £5,000 for project management and will influence allocation of this budget.
  • Monitoring the investment spend of partners which may equate to up to £10,000 of external investment.


  • Ability to positively address challenges from a diverse range of partners.
  • Ability to balance resource demands between a range of allocated partners and innovate on alternative assistance where necessary, with the emphasis on adding value.
  • Ability to base decisions around effective delivery and performance improvements. Most problems have known solutions or parameters (such as helping with a strategic planning process), but decisions must be based around effective delivery and performance improvements.


  • Most issues are addressed by application of existing procedures, however there is a need to occasionally innovate and ensure a positive impact from the sharing of good practice e.g. sharing ideas across current partners.
  • Job holders need to operate within an innovative environment, adding value to partners.
  • Offering needs to be customised to each partner (allocated range of partners is diverse) looking at creativity down through area of application.


  • Overall partner allocation and sector/cohort strategy set by Head/Lead Manager.
  • Must ensure that all partner priorities and plans are robust so that delivery and outputs are viable and in line with Boots & Beards Business Plan objectives of increasing participation and improved performance
  • May contribute to partner strategic plans.
  • Manage and monitor the Boots & Beards investment process to allocated partners and ensure all investment applications are processed and put to panel on time.
  • Typically works to a 1-year business planning cycle and 4-year strategic planning cycles.


  • Job holder works within agreed parameters that give a framework to resource allocations.
  • Undertakes analysis for reviews, assesses detailed options and makes recommendation to Lead Manager/Head around allocations/adjustments to allocations across the 4 cycle stages (plan, implement, monitor, review) but does not make unilateral decisions.
  • Must consider the variety of partners and Boots & Beard’s priorities.
  • Activities reviewed quarterly, otherwise manages own agenda/time.


  • Will informally report to other Lead/Team Managers for those responsibilities held across Boots & Beards.
  • Will collaborate with Partnership Managers/Specialists across all areas of the organisation and work with appropriate personnel from support areas, exchanging information, advising on how partners are performing versus objectives.
  • Co-ordinate the flow of information, internally and to external partners in relation to the development of their strategic long-term plans and annual action plans.
  • Externally, manages interface with a wide range of contacts within allocated range of partners, using a face-to-face approach.
  • Builds customer relationships, managing expectation against delivery realities and service issues, ensuring that partners experience an ‘added value’ approach.
  • Aims to monitor and influence direction towards outcomes required by Boots & Beards.
Date published: 04 May 2022
Date updated: 04 May 2022


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