PT Activity Co-ordinator: KA Leisure

Job Ref: L1044
Rate of Pay: £8.96-£9.39/hour
Hours: 13 hours per week
Location: KA Campus Largs, 60-72 Alexander Avenue, Largs, KA30 9EU

Role Summary:

  • Organise, promote and deliver a range of games and activities
  • Setting up and down of sports activities
  • Liaise with user groups and record accurate footfall
  • Provide a high standard of Customer Service
  • Observe and promote Healthy & Safety
  • Carry out inductions and programs in the fitness suite
  • Ensure all safety inspections are carried out and recorded
  • Carry out Front of House duties, including bookings, cash handling and banking

You Must Have:

  • At least one qualification in fitness, sports coaching or exercise to music and preferably a first aid qualification (assistance in gaining qualifications may be available)
  • Experience in provision of a range of sport/fitness activities
  • Flexibility to work evenings and weekend

Closing date: Friday 6 December 2019

Further information and applications

Date published: 25 November 2019
Date updated: 25 November 2019


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