East Fife Sports Council: Executive Committee Members

East Fife Sports Council are recruiting voluntary Executive Committee Members. 

  • Are you a local person with an interest in developing and supporting sporting activities in the East Fife area?
  • Do you have the skills to support with the running of the Sports Council, including organising events, developing partnerships and making decisions?

2019 is an exciting time to get involved in the East Fife Sports Council, with a number of events run throughout the year they are actively promoting sport and participation in the area.  This is a real opportunity to get involved in the organisation of events, make decision regarding the future of the Sports Council and the benefits they offer to sports clubs and organisations and support existing committee members to review and develop the role and remit of the Sports Council to achieve the core aims and objectives.

The Committee Member role will help oversee the day to day running and decision making for the Sports Council, including funding awards and setting annual affiliation fees.  Members will be involved in promoting interest and participation in sport in the East Fife area.  The Committee plan and run an Annual Awards Ceremony, Committee Members will be actively involved in the organisation of this and other events such as training courses and workshops to events and the quiz night.

Successful applicants will be asked to attend a maximum of 6 evening meetings per annum, lasting for approximately 2 hours, plus the Annual General Meeting.

Applications can be made at any time, the formal election of new Committee Members will take place at the AGM in October.  Applications can be made via the Secretary using the e-mail address below.

Further information is available from the Secretary, Hilary Lumsden on secretary@eastfifesportscouncil.org.uk.

Date published: 09 July 2019
Date updated: 15 August 2019


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