Broomhill Sports Club: Marketing & Publicity

We are looking for help with Marketing & Publicity

Broomhill Sports Club has hundreds of stories to tell and we need more help to tell them. It can be about our Bobcats Netball winning a tournament, it can be our First team leading the Lowland League or it can be about us sending strips to Africa......

News and Publicity help encourage people to join our sports club  and it helps us make a case for people to support us in developing innovative sports programmes encouraging participation in sport.

You may be a professional Marketer or Publicist. You may  know someone who is. You may be an enthusiastic amateur who knows their way around graphic design. Whoever you are if you think you can help us we want to hear from you.

NB: For professionals we have a small budget that we use for publicity.Please contact us with details about yourself to

Date published: 03 October 2017
Date updated: 03 October 2017


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