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Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (CWPS) supersedes the previous Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) course.  The training will provide you with the knowledge on child wellbeing and protection that will give you the confidence to deal with issues that may arise in your role working with children. 

Suitable for: 

16 years + who are in regulated work, delivering or leading sporting activities.

Module 1: 

eLearning module introduces you to the basic theory, knowledge and practice which underpins child wellbeing and protection in sport. On average it should take around 30 minutes to complete the module and you MUST complete this module before attending Module 2. 

By the end of module 1 learners will be able to:

  • Understand what is meant by ‘child wellbeing and protection’
  • Recognise the value of a child-centered approach to child wellbeing and protection
  • Identify good practice in relation to child wellbeing and protection and how this impacts the sports environment
  • Recognise the legislative and policy framework around child wellbeing and protection
  • Identify and respond to possible child wellbeing or protection concerns
  • Identify the limits of your safeguarding role and know when to get support

Module 2:

A 3 hour face-to-face training course lead by one of sportscotland’s approved tutors.  Learners must complete both modules to gain the qualification and receive their certificate.  Due to COVID19 restrictions Module 2 can be delivered virtually.  The Approved Tutor List indicates which tutors are able to deliver virtually.

By the end of module 2 learners will:

  • Be introduced to the Spectrum of Practice and use it to consider, evaluate and respond to common coaching scenarios
  • Receive an introduction to the factors that create a culture of poor practice
  • Identify barriers to disclosure
  • Cover the process for responding to concerns
  • Put the responding to concerns process into practice to deal with serval complex cases

Access to module 1: Brightspace

sportscotland has recently developed a new registration and certification process using a virtual learning environment – “Brightspace”.

When you book onto a CWPS course through your course organiser you will then be given access to Brightspace. This is where you will complete module 1. When using Brightspace this can only be accessed on Chrome /Safari/Firefox/Edge browsers. Internet explorer or Legacy edge browsers are no longer supported.


Once a Learner has completed Module 1, attended Module 2 and the Tutor has recorded their attendance, their certificate will be released and available on their Brightspace homepage

Frequently asked questions

In April 2019 Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (CWPS) training resource replaced the UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop (SPC). CWPS was developed in partnership with Children 1st and now takes a blended learning approach.  This now includes an online module (module 1) which is theory-based followed by a face-to-face or Virtual learning intervention (module 2). This is suitable for people (+16 years old) who are involved in sports organisations that have under 18 participants.  It is targeted at all practitioners e.g. all coaches and volunteers working and volunteering directly with children and young people.

Alongside this CWPS training there are other role specific training for Child Wellbeing and Protection Officers, awareness training for Board and Committee members and a specific course for Safeguarding Young Leaders who are 13-15 years old.

CWPS Module 1 is accessed via sportscotland virtual learning platform - Brightspace. For full instructions on how to register, access Brightspace and receive your certificate, please refer to the course organiser and learner's guide on our website.

Brightspace is compatible on android and/or desktop but only on Chrome, Firefox, Edge (not Internet Explorer or Legacy Edge). You can also download the Brightspace Pulse app to your phone/tablet so you have easy access to Brightspace.

Make sure you are using the same email address when registering for the course and the CWPS training course will appear on your homepage.

Typically, it will take 30 minutes but can be done on multiple sessions.  There is key information you will need to be able to successfully complete Module 2.

Ideally the learner should be enrolled 2 weeks before Module 2 and then complete Module 1 at least one week before Module 2 course date (or longer). It gives the learner time to reflect and digest the information in Module 1 before attending Module 2.

When you complete Module 1, details of how to access Module 2 course will appear on your Brightspace homepage. This information will be where the course is taking place, date, time etc. If virtual then the link to the virtual classroom will be on the home page. When the time comes to attend Module 2 (virtual classroom) click on this link and the Tutor will admit you to the meeting.

The tutor will advise the learner who hasn’t completed Module 1 to complete ASAP after Module 2 but can stay to complete Module 2. The learner must then complete Module 1 and module 2 so that they can receive their certificate.

The learner must attempt all quizzes and receive a pass rate of 80% to complete the module an receive a badge. The learner can have several attempts at each quiz.  The learner won’t be able to click through the sections and not answer the quizzes.

The first part of Module 2 will check understanding of the information covered in Module 1. However, learners will struggle to make sense of the terminology used in Module 2 if they cheated. They may therefore fail to meet the learning outcomes and a certificate will not be awarded.

Providing the Tutor has marked you as attended Module 2, you will then be able to download your certificate from “My Brightspace” / “My Awards” on the blue ribbon.

If you are having problems with Brightspace then there is technical support available for you. The Support Portal is available on the initial log in screen, home page and course home page.  If you are unable to login and have tried resetting your password please access the Support Portal to open a chat or send an email and one of the support team will assist you.

Yes, you can bulk upload your register on a spreadsheet and share this with sportscotland on OneDrive. OneDrive is a secure place to share names and email addresses of learners.  sportscotland will give you access to this shared folder.  You must complete details of learners on the bulk upload spreadsheet and return via One Drive at least 2 weeks prior to the course start date.   Include the name of course tutor in the bulk upload as “Facilitator”. Then Confirm that the upload is completed by emailing

No additional costs to the training organisers and all eLearning resources will sit on sportscotland’s digital platforms. There is no need to purchase any accompanying resource. Tutor costs remain the same at £35/hour plus travel expenses at 0.28p/mile. This training can be delivered virtually, therefore reducing the travel cost of Tutors.

Learners will have to renew their CWPS training every 3 years. For example, if a learner completes Module 1 and 2 in April 2023, by March 2026, they must complete at least 3 refresher modules including CWPS Module 1. This is valid for another 3 years. Then in April 2029 they repeat module 1 and 2 of CWPS again. The process is repeated thereafter.

The learner can self register for their renewal award or register through their SGB. Further details can be found on our website.

These Modules are all accessed on-line, through Brightspace. They have been identified through the Safeguarding survey and via the Standards. These modules will take approximately 45 - 60 minutes to complete. The topics are:

  • CWPS Module 1 (required)
  • Child Mental health & Wellbeing (optional)
  • Safeguarding in a Digital World (optional)
  • Common issues in Safeguarding (Scenario based) (optional)
  • Inclusive Practice (optional)

All CWPOs will have to complete both module 1 and 2 of CWPS. They will then have to complete the Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer Training (CWPO) specifically for this role. There is no specific renewal award for CWPOs so this must be repeated every 3 years. They can however access the eLearning renewal modules as part of their CWPS renewal. 

You can find out more about this training on our website

You can register and organise this training in the same way as you do for CWPS training.

There are other training courses available that provide the required knowledge and skills for individuals role within child wellbeing and protection. Check first with your SGB what training is accepted.  There are additional resources that provide awareness for the limited contact workforce such as, Board members, Committee members, Club secretaries etc., or anyone who is in a non-coaching role. CWPS can also be adapted for leisure centre staff, lifeguards etc. but please check first with your course organiser and/or tutor.

CWPS training is suitable for 16 years and over. There is a specific training resource available for 13 – 15-year-olds who are in a leadership, coaching or volunteer role. See our website for more information on Safeguarding Young Leaders in Sport (13-15 year olds)

All Tutors who are on the sportscotland approved tutor list have attend a tutor orientation, gone through a series of shadowing and/or co-tutoring with a Lead Tutor prior to sign off and able to deliver on their own. To remain approved, tutors must attend regular CWPS updates throughout the year. There are a few tutors who are approved to deliver this course virtually. This is indicated on the Approved Tutor list and only tutors who have gone through the virtual training can deliver this.

Every tutor must keep their tutoring skills up to date and access CPD either through their employer or through sportscotland sport educator CPD events. They also must attend a tutor update at least once a year to update them on the training content. There are also spot checks on tutors to ensure that they are being consistent in their delivery.

Yes, all CWPOs are required to complete both modules in CWPS before attending ‘CWPO training’ or your governing body equivalent. 

This will depend on your club set up and Governing Body (SGB).  Check with your SGB Safeguarding Officer/ or Children 1st for guidance on requirements.

Date published: 30 March 2023
Date updated: 30 August 2023


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