Child and Wellbeing and Protection in Sport: Board and Committee training

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What is Board and Committee CWPS training?

This eLearning module is specifically targeted at board and/or committee members, including sub committees, of a club or sporting organisation (eLearning not to be confused with CWPS training for Coaches and volunteers working directly with children). 

Most safeguarding training predominantly targets practitioners such as coaches, volunteers, instructors and leaders.  Many elements of CWPS training are relevant to anyone, but sometimes there is little or no focus on specific roles. This then results in volunteers spending their valuable time attending training not specific to their role.  

This eLearning is focused on the knowledge and skills board and committee members require, as they have responsibility for the management of sport clubs and organisations.  

Who is it suitable for? 

This eLearning is suitable for anyone (+16 years) involved in a club or sports organisation as a board or committee member. 

The aim of the eLearning is to introduce board and committee members to their role and responsibility in protecting children and young people in sport. The eLearning will inform learners of the theory, knowledge and practice which underpins child wellbeing and protection in sport.  

By the end of this eLearning learners will be able to:  

  • Understand Childrens' rights  
  • Understand what is meant by child wellbeing and protection 
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of boards and committees to develop a positive child wellbeing and protection culture in your club/organisation.  
  • Recognise the value of a child-centred approach to child wellbeing and protection
  • Recognise the legislative and policy framework around child wellbeing and protection
  • Identify and respond to possible child wellbeing or protection concerns
  • Identify the ways in which boards and committee members can support club child wellbeing and protection officers in their role. 

How long will it take to complete?  

It will take a learner approximately 45 minutes to compete.

What do I get when I complete the eLearning? 

Each learner will receive a completion certificate as evidence of completing the eLearning. It can be downloaded and saved to the desktop and emailed to your governing body or sport organisation as proof of completion. 

After completing this training, what’s next? 

You can book onto further CWPS training through your governing body or local authority. The courses are advertised this training page. This CWPS training is in two parts. Module 1 introduces the learner to the basic theory, knowledge and practice which underpins child wellbeing and protection in sport. Module 2 is a 3 hour interactive face to face course, delivered by an experienced Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport tutor presenting scenarios in child wellbeing and protection in sport.  

Where do I get more information?

Your governing body will have resources to support you with child wellbeing and protection.  

Further information and resources can be accesses at:  

Date published: 30 March 2023
Date updated: 2 November 2023


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