Help for clubs

Help for Clubs aims to connect clubs with the information, support and resources that can be used to develop club activities and planning.

sportscotland's Help for clubs can provide you with a basic understanding of things to consider when creating, and sustaining your sport club.

The information has been split under the following headings:

  • Organised - a look at what needs to be planned and developed for your club before, during and after launch
  • Sustainable - an overview of how to sustain the running of your club
  • People -  Understanding and how to recruit committee members and others involved in your club
  • Places - An overview of things to consider when looking a facilities
  • Connected - who to speak to when developing a sport club
  • Profile - an overview on how to raise awareness and promote a club
Date published: 12 September 2016
Date updated: 15 June 2017


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