Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Renewal Award

Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (CWPS) is a training course developed in partnership with Children 1st that is suitable for people (+16 years old) who are involved in sports organisations that have under 18 participants.  It is targeted at all practitioners e.g. all coaches and volunteers working and volunteering directly with children and young people. It is recommended that all Coaches and Volunteers receive this training and renew their knowledge every 3 years.

Self register for the renewal award

Learner Guidance

What is the CWPS Renewal award?

Is your CWPS certificate about to expire? If yes, then you are eligible for Renewal award. If no, then wait until it is about to expire and then start the renewal process. You can check your certificate for the expiry date or check with your SGB.

sportscotland is offering coaches and volunteers (the learner) the opportunity to advance their learning in CWPS, by giving access to renewal modules in various topics. Instead of just repeating CWPS training after 3 years (i.e completing module 1 & 2), the learner can renew their certificate for another 3 years by completing a series of eLearning. This learning is then valid for another 3 years and it is only then that the learner must complete the whole CWPS training again.

**Please check before booking onto the renewal courses and you are not being charged for this training. You may be charged by a course organiser if you repeat CWPS instead of the free renewal modules and may not get a refund if you have made this error. Check first with your SGB on what you need to complete**

To achieve the Renewal award, learners must complete Module 1 of CWPS plus two other modules of their choice. This equates to approximately 3 hours of learning and should be completed within 3 months of their CWPS training expiring. Then in 3 years’ time after completing the renewal award, learners must then again complete both module 1 and 2 of a CWPS course.

The topics covered in the renewal award are:

  • Safeguarding in a digital world
  • Common issues in safeguarding (scenario learning)
  • Introduction to inclusive practice
  • Child mental health and wellbeing

How does the learner get access to the Renewal award?

The learner can either self register or register with a course organiser (SGB or local authority). A course organiser will inform sportscotland CWPS admin team that the learners training has expired and need to complete the Renewal process. The Renewal award modules will then appear on the learners Brightspace homepage. They must complete Module 1 and then choose 2 more topics they want to gain more knowledge on. Unfortunately the learner is not able to choose more than 2 optional modules.

How does the learner prove they have achieved the Renewal award?

The learner will receive a “badge” after each eLearning module they complete and then receive a “Renewal Certificate” after they collect 3 badges. This award certificate will be available to download on the learners Brightspace account under "My Brightspace / Awards". This is proof their CWPS training is complete and up to date.

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Date published: 30 March 2023
Date updated: 6 June 2024


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