Organising a workshop

Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (CWPS)   

Course organisers are generally Sport Governing Bodies (SGB) or Local Authorities (LA).  If you are looking to arrange training for your own club or organisation you should check the Training Course listings, and with your relevant SGB or LA to see if they have any scheduled or if they can organise one for you.

If you would like to arrange your own CWPS training follow the procedures as outlined in the course organiser guidance document below. These are step by step guides to help you register your course, and how the learners enrol in the training. Course organisers can share the quick guide and learner's guide on the booking site. it will explain the process to the learners.

Course organiser's guide

Quick learners guide to completing CWPS training

Learner's guide

Tutor guide

This training must first be registered with sportscotland using the Training Registration Page

Approved Tutors

Approved Tutor List

sportscotland approved tutors are self-employed.  The approved tutor workforce are self-employed and trained by sportscotland to deliver CWPS.  They must complete the sportscotland Professional Development Award (PDA) in Sport Education (or hold equivalent qualification) and attend orientation events and other CPD throughout the year to remain on the approved tutor list. 

The quality of the tutors workforce is vital for ensuring children are kept safe in sport and the success of CWPS programme.  The workforce is integral to the development of a world class sporting system and sportscotland ensures a highly qualified and trained workforce through its quality assurance framework.

A list of tutors is available on the  Approved Tutor List. A course organiser should contact a tutor directly when arranging training.  Module 2 can be delivered virtually.  The Approved Tutor List indicates which tutors are able to deliver virtually.


Once a learner has completed module 1 and attended module 2, then their certificate will be released and available on their Brightspace homepage under "Awards".

Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer (CWPO) Training

This process is due to change from 1 August 2022, similar to organising CWPS training as noted above.  To organise a CWPO training a course organiser will arrange directly with and Approved Tutor to deliver this workshop (including virtual training) and the course will be added to Brightspace.


Once the Learners attend the CWPO training their certificate will be released and available on their Brightspace homepage under "Awards".

Date published: 30 March 2023
Date updated: 17 April 2024


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