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The world class system for sport outlines people as an enabler, and within the Clubs and Communities environments the regional club sport staff are key to helping sport clubs to operate more effectively and deliver impactful services in their communities. Aligned to this, a recommendation within the Sport for Change research (Feb 2017) was the provision of workforce development support to both professional staff with a role, to develop clubs and community organisations, as well as directly to clubs and community organisations themselves.

The Changing Lives partners (Scottish Government, Spirit of 2012, The Robertson Trust and sportscotland) have now engaged the Changemakers Partnership to provide this function, and increase the capability and capacity of the network of professional staff regionally providing support to clubs. Staff attending the regional club sport meetings (SGB Regional Development Managers, Community Sport Hub officers and club development staff in local authorities and trusts) will be the key focus for this support. All staff will gain a high-level understanding of the drivers for this work, what makes an Effective Organisation and what support is available through the programme to do this. The wider work will provide a variety of both active and passive tools and resources available to the entire sector through Help for Clubs and Actify.

The Changemakers work also involves a refresh of the Clubs and Communities Framework and associated Clubs First diagnostic tool, to reflect the potential of Scottish sports clubs and community organisations to deliver change for people and communities. The sports sector shaped the Framework when it was developed, and this refresh will enhance approaches to create strong and effective clubs embedded in their communities that can change lives. We understand that some partners are already doing work in this area and that other support mechanisms exist. The aim is to not to duplicate, but reinforce and complement.

A targeted programme of learning support is being offered to a cohort of 60 officers (Champions) that attend the regional club sport meetings, to develop their capacity and capability to support clubs, based on the refreshed Clubs and Communities framework. A summary of the learning programme and information on the application process was provided to your regional staff at the February regional club sport events. Through these regional networks we will also look to identify 30 clubs (across 2 years) who can deliver community impact, but need specific expert support based around the Clubs and Communities framework. This will be delivered directly through the Changemakers Partnership.

For further information on this staff development opportunity, please go to the sportscotland website where you can find both the Changing Lives Champion Information Pack (containing a section specifically for Managers) and the online application form.

About The Changemakers Partnership

The Changemakers Partnership is a unique collaboration between three key national Scottish social enterprise organisations (CEIS, Social Enterprise Academy and Firstport) supporting the enterprising Third Sector, two highly respected organisations specifically supporting the sport sector (Spartans Community Football Academy and Movement) and an accomplished academic institution (The University of Edinburgh).

If you have any queries, please speak further with your Partnership Manager.

Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 4 August 2023


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