What is Changing Lives

Evidence shows that being active brings about positive changes beyond participation and can impact positively on the health and wellbeing of individuals, on their skills and learning, and on communities, ensuring a more inclusive and healthier nation.

Sporting and non-sporting organisations can proactively use sport & physical activity as an intentional tool to achieve both increased participation and wider social outcomes.

These positive changes are most likely to happen if the organisations delivering sport and physical activity demonstrate the following;

  • a clear understanding and commitment to the social outcomes the organisation wants to achieve.
  • commitment to building organisational capacity
  • thorough understanding of their community
  • a person-centred approach
  • the right staff & volunteers with the right skills set and values
  • commitment to working in partnership
  • commitment to removing barriers to participation and ensuring equality and inclusion

sportscotland, Scottish Government, The Robertson Trust and Spirit of 2012 are working together to deliver a wide programme of support and funding which aims to support organisations to use sport and physical activity as a driver to achieve positive individual and community change as a core element of the existing World Class Sporting System.


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Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 15 January 2024


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