Programme & priorities

sportscotland, Scottish Government, The Robertson Trust and Spirit of 2012 have been working together to address the main recommendations in the Sport for Change report published in 2017.  The key elements of the Changing Lives through Sport & Physical Activity work and priorities are noted below.

    • The development of clear messaging and leadership roles around the Changing Lives through Sport & Physical Activity approach
    • The development of a range of active and passive learning and development support to build knowledge, skills and capacity. This is targeted at the workforce which supports delivery organisations, and also directly at the delivery organisations themselves, and focusses on effective approaches to delivering change, and on effective organisations
    • The delivery of a “Changing Lives through Sport & Physical Activity Fund’ provides short term additional resource into the sporting and community sector to better address wider individual and community needs through sport & physical activity and support them to become and stay active.  For information  about the fund

Changing Lives Champions Programme




Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 8 August 2023


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