Investment reporting

Principles of investment to LAs and SGBs 

sportscotland invests Scottish Government and National Lottery funding in recognised SGBs on a sport by sport basis.

We invest in partners and the contribution they can make to develop Scotland’s world class sporting system. sportscotland’s investment in partners is not an entitlement and is based on robust plans and tangible outcomes in line with the Investment Principles.

Our document "Investment in SGBs and Local Authorities" outlines how we invest in partner organisations to contribute to the delivery of the outcomes in our Corporate Plan.

How does sportscotland invest in governing bodies?

There are two ways in which sportscotland invests in SGBs - financial and non-financial.  

Our non-financial investment refers to the added value services that SGBs can access, such as our people, advice, support, training & development and expert resources including high performance expertise through the sportscotland institute of sport.

sportscotland has adopted a new approach to investing in SGBs with a clear focus on agreed outcomes designed to contribute to the delivery of our Corporate Plan. Full details can be found in our document “2015-2019 Local Authority and Scottish Governing Body Investment Principles, Outcomes and Process”. For the first time SGB investment figures and targets are available online and will be updated as each SGB goes through our panel process. Reporting against performance and development targets will also be included as part of our risk management and monitoring process.

SGB Governance Framework

The SGB Governance Framework has the aim “to enhance governance in Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport (SGBs) ensuring they are well led; robust and legally compliant; and are effective and efficient in their operations, fostering strong partnerships. SGBs will be investment ready, positioned for growth and best placed to deliver outcomes for the sport. They will provide real results and return on investment to their members, sportscotland and other strategic partners”.

sportscotland investment statistics show investment in SGBs for the current financial year. These pages will be updated once investment details for individual sports are agreed throughout the year.

It is important to read both documents together to understand the reasons and rationale behind our investment decisions.

Benefits of investment strategy

sportscotland’s investment strategy:

  • Is open and transparent;
  • Recognises diversity of sporting opportunity;
  • Demonstrates parity, consistency and fairness in decision making, and
  • Demonstrates awareness of the circumstances of individual SGBs.
Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 2 November 2023


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