What we do

As the national agency for sport our role is to make sure sport plays its part in a thriving Scotland. We do this by influencing, informing and investing in the organisations and people who deliver sport and physical activity.

We have an important part to play alongside other agencies to deliver an active Scotland where more people are more active more often. An active Scotland is one where people are encouraged to participate, progress and achieve in sport. At the same time people become more active – and stay active.

The nation enjoys better physical confidence and competence and increased wellbeing and resilience. All of this is made possible by the people, places and spaces providing sport and physical activity.

We’re here to help the people of Scotland get the most from the sporting system. Here are just a few ways we do it:

  • Making an impact together
  • Making sport more accessible
  • Progressing to your level in sport
  • Contributing to an active Scotland
  • Celebrating the benefits of sport

Find out more 

Find out more in our corporate strategy, Sport For Life  

Our Sport First content hub is where we tell the stories behind the world class sporting system. 


Date published: 6 March 2023
Date updated: 6 March 2023


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