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About our comms themes


Our communications themes were developed to make sure we have a variety of content across our channels to keep our audience engaged. They also help our partners plan their content which helps us all to raise the profile of sport collectively. Closely aligned to Sport For Life, the themes provide a chance to focus on a wide range of topics.


We look for stories linking to the theme from across the sporting system to feature on Sport First, and share both our own and partners’ content on our social media channels.


If you find it helpful, you can use the templates below to create content related to each theme. These are available in a range of layouts, or you can download a logo to add to your own existing branding. 


January 2024: Being active #ActiveEveryDay


March 2024: Women and girls in sport #ActiveGirls


June 2024: Volunteer in Sport #VolunteerInSport


How to edit in Canva

Browse through the templates to find which one works best for you. There are options for one photo, multiple images, a collage, or text only.

Upload your own images. You can then drag and drop your image onto the frame and your photo will be automatically cropped into the frame size/shape.

If you don't have your own images, there are also templates with preset images, or Canva has some stock images which you can use.

Add your own text and resize as needed.

Add your own logo if needed.

You can also change the background colour to suit your own branding. Click on the background to select it then a coloured square will appear at the top left and you can change the colour.

To save. click the download button (top right of the screen) and choose which pages to download.

For more help with Canva:





Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 23 February 2024


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