Business plan

Our business plan for 2023 onwards describes how we will deliver our commitment to our corporate strategy, Sport For Life. It outlines how we will continue to support the sporting system to respond to the current economic challenges and drive inclusion and recovery.

Each programme in our plan is underpinned by an operating action plan. These outline the key activities and actions we will deliver to achieve the programme objectives. They also include the people responsible and the budget we have allocated. We produce quarterly reports on our progress against this plan for the sportscotland Board and the Scottish Government.

One of the principles in Sport For Life is to be responsive. For several years we have referred to our business plan as ‘dynamic’, meaning that it can change to reflect our current focus and activities. With the current economic situation and the ongoing recovery from the pandemic, it has never been more important that we stick to this principle. In line with our dynamic business planning approach, we will continue to review and develop our business plan regularly based on what is happening around us.


Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 6 November 2023


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