sportscotland's decision making processes: Representation process

All sportscotland investment and related decision making processes are designed to encourage regular dialogue between relevant sportscotland staff and potential recipients of investment.

The main aims of encouraging this dialogue is to ensure that there is clarity about (1) what sportscotland invests in, (2) what is expected as a result of that investment; and (3) details of any conditions that might be attached to the investment. This gives sportscotland staff the opportunity to help potential beneficiaries understand how to access investment and what is expected in return in terms of their contribution to helping create a world class sporting system for everyone in Scotland. Moreover, as issues or queries arise these can be dealt with, as is normally the case. 

Representations made at this level are not appeals and do not form part of the sportscotland Independent Appeals process. Anyone considering lodging an appeal must exhaust the representation process detailed herein prior to lodging an appeal.

Anyone considering lodging an appeal should first consider sportscotland’s complaint procedure to decide which process is more suitable. sportscotland will not consider an appeal and a complaint on the same matter.

Complaints procedure

sportscotland’s complaints procedure 


Appeals procedure

sportscotland's appeals procedure

Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 5 June 2023


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