Developing our deliverers - primary

Schools should offer to ensure the people that support children and young people, are the best they can be. Excellent schools have robust internal approaches to self-evaluation and also value the objectivity that which external partners can provide. Staff encourage and support each of us to get involved in areas that are of interest to us and help overcome any barriers that might prevent us taking part. 

Our people – developing our deliverers actions   

If your assessment tool has highlighted this as an area for improvement, here’s some simple actions your school sport committee can add to their action plan:   

  • Improve staff participation in Career-Long Professional Learning 
  • Improve confidence in delivering PE lessons 
  • Recruit a 'bank' of parent volunteers from the local community so as to aid the school with the aim of increasing the amount of extra-curricular activities for the pupils 
  • Speak to staff about their areas of interest.  
  • Involve Active Schools by inviting you Active Schools Coordinator to speak to staff about what is on offer and how their needs could best be met. 
  • Organise CLPL opportunities in school and list events on a CLPL calendar for each term. In house training events make it easier for more people to attend. 
  • Provide Team teaching opportunities to support delivery of new curricular lessons 
  • Measure confidence levels before any CLPL input and then collate feedback from the staff on confidence levels after the course to evaluate success 

Our people – developing our deliverers examples in practice  

Raise the profile of deliverer opportunities 

During the first weeks of the new academic year the school invited me to a parent and pupil assembly. The presentation that was provided highlighted the opportunities for parents and teachers to get involved in supporting after school sessions. Within a week of the assembly I had received emails from parents who were interested in volunteering, and a probationary teacher that contacted me to find out more information. Everyone was quick to understand that the school required a rise in the variety and number of sessions on offer to the young people 

Multi Skills 

Worked with the Head Teacher, Parent Council, PE teacher and PEPAS pupil group (8 pupils from P3-6) to discuss improving physical activity provision. The PE teacher and myself set up monthly meetings with the PEPAS group to work on our development plan. Within my termly meeting with the HT and PE teacher, we focused on one of our lower areas of the school sport award assessment which was sport specific CPD for staff. I explained and showed the video of the multi skills workshop and the HT felt this would be very beneficial to her staff. We set this delivery up to take place during the in-service day in by my colleague to all teachers and they really enjoyed learning the course. From this we are looking to introduce a new extra-curricular multi skills session next term delivered by the teachers. 

Highlight the School Sport Award 

The school held a launch night for their, School Sport Award and I was given the opportunity to give a talk to the parents who attended this event. I also attended a school Partnership event targeted towards parents and, between both events, we have been able to increase the amount of parent helpers for extra curricular activities within the school. 

Active Schools support 

After identifying developing our deliverers offering was at a lower level than other areas of their assessment tool, we looked to offer the coaching, development and essential skills training that we provide to all Active Schools volunteers to the volunteers and school teachers delivering opportunities on their parent council led extra curricular programme. The school were interested to improve this because on reflection they realised the support they should be giving to their volunteers and teachers could be of a much improved standard should they choose to work closer with the Active Schools. 

Developmental Physical Education 

All Support for Learning workers received a training session on implementing Developmental Physical Education in the classroom. Short, simple exercise programmes have been introduced in class to improve co-ordination and enhance learning. 

Inclusion Training 

To support the delivery of physical activity for the most vulnerable groups of learners, the whole staff team have taken part in training in the following safeguarding, child protection, supporting vulnerable learners, individualised planning of programmes, deep breathing for regulation, social pedagogy, Neurosequential Model in Education (NME). Our learners need trauma informed approaches to developing resilient relationships. Sometimes, repairing a situation after an incident can be very hard for everyone. Our staff use physical activity for individual pupils to help reconnect before we can teach the skills and make a plan to repair the harm caused by distressed behaviours 

Date published: 24 July 2023
Date updated: 24 July 2023


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