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Taking a whole school approach to recognising and rewarding sporting success and commitment to sport and delivery. All children and young people should be achieving to their full potential. Children and young people should also have their learning recognised through approaches to wider achievements. Everyone in the school should have the opportunities to be able to develop a variety of different interests, talents and learn new skills. Your school should keep accurate records of pupil participation and achievements and recognise the importance of these. Achievements should be recognised, valued and celebrated by the school and community through a range of ways which help build self-esteem and confidence. 

Celebrating sport actions  

If your assessment tool has highlighted this as an area for improvement, here’s some simple actions your school sport committee can add to their action plan:  

How your school can help recognise and reward commitment to sport: 

  • Promote success and participation at school assemblies. Every time someone in the school wins an award or performs well for their club or the school celebrate their success with them. Children can share their achievements with their peers and teachers and children can recognise and show appreciation for the talents of others. 
  • Create a sports noticeboard, take pictures for a sports board and we let the whole school know about achievements at assembly. 
  • Praise achievements in sport school and always celebrate success and determination! 
  • Create a ‘Wall of Fame’ 
  • Encourage pupils and parents to share success and commitment out with the school day 
  • Award pupils for their dedication to sport 
  • encourage staff success and commitment 
  • encourage staff v pupil competition 
  • Ensure all children are recognised for their involvement and participation in Sports Day. Stickers could be kindly donated by the Parent Council. 
  • Have a ‘wear it sporty’ non uniform day 

Celebrating sport examples in practice 

Creating a school Sports Awards event 

A school delivered a Sports Awards with nominees across 10 categories recognising the contribution and achievements of pupils, staff, volunteers, coaches, athletes, and clubs over the past 12 months. In addition to recognising the finalists and winners on the night of the event, they ran a social media campaign which featured information about each nominee. 

Use the School Sport Award tool to celebrate 

The school had successfully used the sportscotland School Sport Award to focus on key areas, and the sports committee were delighted to receive their award. In partnership with Active School, the school decided to host an awards ceremony to celebrate this achievement. The school saw this as an opportunity to showcase a number of excellent pieces of work to a wide range of partners and stakeholders. The ceremony was an excellent opportunity to promote and raise awareness of their programmes 

Encourage good sportsmanship 

Winners of sports day races are rewarded with bronze, silver or gold medals at our annual awards ceremony. Each class have three children rewarded with medals and on child is recognised for good sportsmanship. During sports day competitive races our children were able to transfer skills learned in PE to achieve success at sports day. These included: balance and control, co-ordination and fluency, rhythm and timing, gross and fine motor skills, stamina and speed, focus and concentration, motivation, confidence and self-esteem, respect and tolerance and determination and resilience. 

Hall of Fame 

Showcase pupil recognition by establishing a PE Hall. Display photos of pupils who have achieved a high level in their sports either by commitment or success. You could also include past pupils with, the aim of the corridor to inspire the next generation of sporting stars. 

National Initiatives 

The Sports Committee have worked hard to make sport enjoyable and accessible for all children. As well as our annual Health and Eco Week, in partnership with our Rights Respecting Schools Committee they organised an action-packed week of events to celebrate Sport Relief. They incorporate a range of sports and activities to engage all ages and interests. 

 Celebrate ‘Sporting Heroes’ 

A ‘Sporting Hero’ should be someone who: always tries their best, sets a great example to others, tries a variety of different sports, listens and acts on advice given to improve. The class can nominate on a termly basis with the winner’s picture on the PE wall. The focus is not just on success and achievement but on commitment and good sportsmanship. 

Date published: 24 July 2023
Date updated: 24 July 2023


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