Changing Lives Champions

The Champions learning programme aims to inspire and enable professional staff in the sporting system to adopt and apply a Changing Lives approach, which will ultimately support the achievement of Sport for Life and the outcomes and inclusion priority within the system. 

The Champions learning programme is a fun and challenging programme where individuals are encouraged to learn, share and progress together on a journey to embed a Changing Lives mindset and approach within the sporting system in Scotland.

The programme provides understanding, knowledge, skills, confidence and enthusiasm to help clubs and community organisations operate more effectively and deliver impactful services in their communities.

Cohort 2 has 47 Champions from across local authorities/trusts, governing bodies and third sector partners going on a journey across 2020-2021.

The Champions learning programme is structured around a series of modules. Each module has a specific theme and is underpinned by key aspects of the Clubs and Communities Framework.

Key topics include:

  • The power of sport
  • Starting with ‘why’
  • Managing change and how ideas spread
  • How we create change for people and communities
  • What does inclusion mean for Scottish sport?
  • What are outcomes in sport?
  • How to identify community needs
  • What does sustainability look like
  • Social enterprise business models
  • Being a thought leader
  • Crafting compelling stories 

Hear what cohort 1 had to say about the programme

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Date published: 31 August 2020
Date updated: 19 November 2020


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