New documentary follows top UK athletes

New documentary to follow top UK athletes on their path to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

The National Lottery partner with Channel 4 to offer a peek behind the scenes as Britain’s top athletics stars approach the Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympics Games.

Scottish runners Josh Kerr (1500m) and Jake Wightman (1500m) feature in the documentary and are part of the 1,000 elite athletes on UK Sport’s National Lottery-funded World Class Programme.

Some of Britain’s biggest track and field stars will be heading into the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris this summer with Channel 4 cameras following their preparations and training.

Two fly-on-the-wall documentaries, in partnership with The National Lottery, will provide a unique insight into the journey these athletes take and the sacrifices they make to be able to compete for Olympic or Paralympic gold.

Nine athletes will allow fans a behind-the-scenes peek of what it takes to succeed at the very highest level of the sport. Episode one will follow four athletes that all have the dream of becoming the next Olympic champion in track and field, while episode two will shine a spotlight on five outstanding Paralympians as they set out on a mission to light up the stadium in Paris.

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Date published: 23 May 2024
Date updated: 23 May 2024


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