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Providing a range of intra or inter competitive experiences for many children and young people. All children and young people should be achieving to their full potential. These events and festivals do not need to be competitive. We have effective strategies in place which are improving attainment and achievement for children and young people facing challenges such as those from our most deprived areas, young carers, those who are looked after and those with additional support needs. 

Competitive opportunities actions  

If your assessment tool has highlighted this as an area for improvement, here’s some simple actions your school sport committee can add to their action plan:  

Provide opportunities for all pupils to compete in a variety of sports at a variety of levels: 

  • The Sports Committee have worked to develop more opportunities for Inter-House competitions where pupils can earn points for their House alongside the already established Inter-House school sports day.  
  • Pupils are given opportunities to take part in a range of competitions both locally and in surrounding areas, this includes school sports day, inter-house competitions, inter-school sports, Active Schools festivals and competitions. 
  • Your Active Schools Coordinator will be able to provide information on local competitions 
  • Encourage the Parent Council Committee to attend and support sporting events, they may also help to fund some of the activities. 
  • Encourage parental/carer involvement – could they help allow pupils to attend events and competition?  

Competitive opportunities examples in practice 

Active Schools festivals and competitions 

Using the School Sport Award assessment tool, competitive opportunities was identified as a weak area. The assessment enabled us to see where we needed to focus and where to future plan. We needed to explore and consider future opportunities which would enable us to improve the core area of competing and performing. Through our Active Schools coordinator pupils were able to attend sports events and festivals alongside other schools. This would mean pupils would be able to integrate with other pupils/schools and have the opportunity to participate in high quality school sport events. To date pupils have successfully attended sports events with pupils being mixed into other school teams. Staff reported pupils have coped well and enjoyed the experience.  

Organising an in-house competition 

The school sport committee could organise an in-house competition with a prize at the end. This would include designing and managing the competition and organising an appropriate prize. The impact would be measured by observation of how the committee organise and administrate the event and feedback from all pupils who compete in the event. The sports committee can also design posters for the events to be advertised, parents will be notified regarding this and a blog will be uploaded to the school website in order for everyone to access the information. 

Delivering an in-house competition 

The competition can run 4 times a week at lunchtime with the school sport committee recording scores. Pupils of the school will get to celebrate sport and success in a new and unique way. They will also be able to see that working as a team they will achieve success together and that everyone’s contribution matters. 

‘Schools Together’ events 

Every year we invite other schools to play different sports with us. We always give visiting schools a gift with a nice message on it when they leave. We call these events Schools Together and we meet with active schools coordinators to plan these events.Sport brings us all together because we all love to play sport! 

Date published: 24 July 2023
Date updated: 24 July 2023


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