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For technical questions relating to the assessment tool itself, please refer to the assessment tool FAQs section.


My school has been involved in the School Sport Award before, do I need to register again?

Yes, the School Sport Award is a new assessment tool so all schools will need to register to join. Don’t worry it only takes a couple of minutes!


Which email address should we use to register?

Please make sure the main account holder is a school lead. Active Schools Coordinators can be added as ‘contributors’ but we advise the account ‘owner’ has a school email address.


My school received a Gold School Sport Award previously, what do I need to do to keep my award?

The School Sport Award is a brand new assessment and action planning tool, so all schools will need to register and follow the process. The requirements for achieving a Gold School Sport Award are very different so please check out the information here - Gold questions template


When will the assessment tool go live?

The tool is now live. Please encourage schools to use the tool, but there is no rush for them to achieve an award straight away. The initial assessment will show which areas can be improved and schools can then develop an action plan or refer to our resources section for tips and ideas.


Is there a deadline for submitting an assessment?

No, the tool can be used at any point in the academic year and schools can apply for an award level when they are ready, there will not be a ‘deadline’ date. 


Is there still a requirement to submit evidence to support the applications?  

There will be a requirement for schools that are looking to achieve Gold to provide more information, but the focus will be on the new action planning area within the assessment tool. 


Will the assessment tool reset each academic year or will it be an ongoing assessment? 

It is an ongoing assessment and will not reset. 


Can my email addresses be linked to more than one account? 

Yes, there will be one main account holder (which we suggest should be a school email address) and there can be additional contributors for each account 



Will resources be available to help us deliver school staff CPD?

Hot Topics sessions are the first step to help introduce Active Schools Coordinators to this. As mentioned, resources will become available on our website to help support the process and areas for continuous improvement. Over the coming months schools will also receive information and updates ahead of a launch in August. We will be able to provide further support sessions after summer if there is demand.  


Do you have examples of bronze, silver, gold schools or what that may look like? 

There won’t be examples. We want to highlight that the self-assessment tool isn’t just about award levels, we really want you to help support schools to use it as a framework for school sport regardless of their level, and to use the Action Planning section of the tool to improve their school sport offering.  


Are the questions the same for ASN schools, or are they tailored to that sector? 

Questions are similar but with the help of schools we have tailored some of the sections. 


Are there deadlines for gold submissions as previously, and what evidence will be required for gold schools?

We want schools to use the self-assessment tool and action planning section as a school sport framework. We appreciate the difficulties the last 2 years has brought with it and we want schools to be comfortable with using the tool again. Achieving a Gold School Sport Award has been streamlined and the focus will not be in evidence but their action planning and continuous improvement. There are no submission dates, with year round access to the award.  


Do we know the percentages schools will need to get in the questions to obtain the different levels? 

Percentages have not been finalised, but again we don’t want schools to focus on the % outcome of the self-assessment, rather how they are using the action planning tool to continuously improve. 


Will gold award schools still receive a flag?

Of course! The branding has been refreshed and so has the flag! We will also have assets in a range of formats for schools to announce and promote their award level. 


How might be the best way to promote to secondary schools to increase engagement? 

The best way is to use your Young Ambassadors, this will be a key role for them going forward 


What happens after our award expires? 

Your school will hold a bronze or silver award for 1 full calendar year after which your award expires. In order to achieve another award, you will need to update your assessment. Your action planning will be unaffected. Gold awards will be held for 2 full calendar years. 


I have another question

Email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will also keep this page updated with any new questions we receive throughout the process. 

Date published: 18 July 2023
Date updated: 24 July 2023


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