Sport Psychology

The aim of this service is to have a performance impact and ensure athletes and teams are performing at an optimum level of consistency.

What we do

We train our clients to regulate their thoughts, emotions and actions using a wide range of cutting-edge psychological techniques and strategies.

We work directly with athletes, coaches and teams; we also provide support and advice to families. The success of our work depends on close interaction with our colleagues from a highly qualified teams of sport scientists and sport medicine professionals.

We provide bespoke services and support that is tailored to meet needs of our clients with absolute focus on progression in a high-pressure sporting environment.

We periodise our support within the coaching process and during quadrennial cycles, helping athletes peak at their key events. Our work encompasses:

  • Specialised support at world, Olympic and Paralympic level
  • Specialised work in the area of visual routines
  • Specialised work in the area of self-regulation and mindfulness
  • Cutting edge delivery in special projects including neuroscience

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Date published: 01 February 2018
Date updated: 09 February 2018


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