Sport Psychology


What is sport psychology?

The ultimate focus of our team is on the wellbeing of every individual we work with. We believe that if our clients have effective skills that help them to regulate their thoughts and emotions at critical moments, they have much better chances of competing at their best on the world stage.

In our day-to-day work we meet and speak with athletes. At times our help is confidential – that is very important for us to build trust with everyone we work with.

We help athletes to look at how they train and compete in a slightly different way. We teach our athletes to enhance their psychological skills and strengthen their talents towards their best performances. We help coaches who work with these athletes to make sure that their performance is at their best, too.

We help structures and systems in sports and our institute to make sure that all ‘nuts and bolts’ work to offer the best conditions to our coaches and athletes.

We also work very closely with all our colleagues in sport science and sport medicine teams and together we are all making small and yet significant differences for our athletes that help them to win medals.

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Date published: 01 February 2018
Date updated: 15 May 2020


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