Performance Solutions

The performance solutions team provide specialised services in biomechanics, data management, notational analysis, skill acquisition and special projects and innovation.  

What we do

We provide bespoke solutions for sports, coaches, athletes and very often our work is delivered within multi-disciplinary teams.  We also work closely with key partners and collaborators – including:

  • Universities
  • DataLab
  • Home country institutes
  • British Association of Sport and Exercises Sciences (BASES)
  • External international specialists within our fields of work

This initiative helps us to develop and deliver cutting-edge expert solutions for prioritised sports. Performance solutions staff all work with measurement-based processes and provide evidence-based support. Within quadrennial sports cycles we record the impact of our work over time, providing a basis for reflection, adjustment and the consolidation of performance improvements.

The quality assurance of our work includes staff accreditations and reaccreditations supported by BASES. In notational analysis and skill acquisition our staff are high-performance sport assessors and provide quality assurance support to the other home-country institutes and sport governing bodies within the UK. 

In special projects and innovation we provide world-leading technical support and knowledge application in areas such as mobile brain training and evaluation, muscle diagnostics, visual search and attention and data analytics. This work is dependent on national and international support and input from our key partners and collaborators.

Data management has a wider role across sportscotland, working closely with ICT, strategy & planning and legal teams to deliver data management solutions and data protection. 

Who we are 

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Date published: 12 July 2023
Date updated: 28 September 2023


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