Clean sport

Clean Sport is an environment where athlete health is protected and where athletes and athlete support personnel respect the rules of sport. A specific focus of our work is on preventing the use of prohibited substances and methods to achieve sporting excellence, and this is a key area of our approach to ensure the integrity of sport. 

sportscotland work closely with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) on Clean Sport. UKAD are the statutory body responsible for anti-doping in the UK, who’s remit includes a prevention through an education programme and an intelligence-led testing programme. Athletes can be tested any time, any place without advance notice. 


Clean Sport education plays a pivotal role in upholding integrity, fairness, and health standards in sport. Collaborating closely with UKAD and Scottish Sport Organisations, we ensure athletes and support personnel comprehend and adhere to the anti-doping regulations set by World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) by offering a complimentary educational resource accessible to all SGBs. Our educational support is designed to safeguard athletes' well-being by illuminating the dangers and health risks linked with doping substances.  Our educational support is a complimentary resource accessible to all SGBs.  Our educational support is designed to safeguard athletes' well-being by illuminating the dangers and health risks linked with doping substances.  

The Clean Sport Hub is UKAD’s platform for clean sport education. The Clean Sport Hub provides easy access and tailored resources for athletes, coaches, parents, support staff and anyone who is interested in protecting clean sport. 

All of our sportscotland institute of sport practitioners and staff are required to complete accredited clean sport education. 

Sports medicine

All prohibited substances and methods in sports are outlined in the Prohibited List. The Prohibited List is managed and coordinated by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The List is updated each year, coming into effect on 1st January. It is possible for WADA to make changes to the List more than once a year, but they must communicate such changes three months before they come into effect. As this list is updated annually, athletes and athlete support personnel should make sure they check it ahead of it coming into effect.   

There may be situations where an athlete has an illness or medical condition that requires them to use a prohibited substance or method. A Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) permits an athlete to use an otherwise prohibited substance or method, for therapeutic purposes, whilst continuing to compete in their chosen sport. 

Food First 

sportscotland Institute of Sport is leading the way in encouraging a “Food First” programme. The Food First trilogy is a unique approach to clean sport education. The focus is around empowering athletes to make informed choices around a food first rather than a sport supplements as a priority.  

Using a Capability, Opportunity, Motivation of behaviour (COMb) change model, the SIS Performance Nutrition (PN) team designed a series of workshops delivered in conjunction with UKAD advisors to identify risks in supplements use and develop important skills in decision making/appropriate food choices, risk mitigation and consequences in this challenging environment.  


sportscotland and Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport (SGBs) have responsibilities under the National Anti-Doping Policy (the Policy). For SGBs, compliance is an ongoing condition of their eligibility to receive public funding and/or publicly funded benefits and services from sportscotland. Compliance is assessed by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) via an Assurance Framework, however our Partnership Managers liaise with UKAD on progress towards compliance and support where appropriate. Additionally, SGBs can access Expert Resource to support their work around compliance with the Policy. 

A list of all SGBs currently meeting the Assurance Framework requirements (PDF) is available online 

Protect your sport 

Protecting clean sport depends on everyone playing their part - athletes, coaches, or parents - whether on centre stage or behind the scenes. Speak out if you feel there’s something wrong - no matter how small. UKAD guarantee that your identity will always be kept 100% confidential.

Find out the more about speaking out and Protect Your Sport. 

100% ME Clean Sport app 

UKAD’s 100% me Clean Sport App can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play or Windows Live Store, for essential anti-doping information. 

Date published: 2 February 2024
Date updated: 5 March 2024


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