What's in your sandwich?

The humble sandwich is one of the most versatile portable foods around. Whether you choose a roll, wrap, pitta, bagel, or baguette, sandwiches make the perfect handy snack or small meal.

Fillings can be chosen to adapt the nutritional content of the sandwich. This flexibility allows the sandwich to fit perfectly into our athletes’ diet whether they are on the go or at home.

The ease with which sandwiches can be prepared and transported is important for our athletes who are regularly on the move. Athletes’ nutritional needs can easily be met by this real food option that can vary depending on individual preferences.

Sandwiches can be excellent sources of protein and carbohydrate as well as including one of your 5-a-day. The large variety of sandwich options makes them a great pre or post training snack for our athletes.

Our Performance Nutrition team are partial to a sandwich and here are some of our favourites...

  • Rachel enjoys a pitta filled with avocado, tuna, tomato salsa and salad.
  • Irene’s favourite sandwich is a pitta with falafel , hummus and salad.
  • Ailis prefers a baguette filled with homemade salsa and prawns.
  • Lindsay particularly enjoys a wrap with avocado, salad, tomato and feta cheese.

What is your favourite sandwich? 

Date published: 27 June 2023
Date updated: 27 June 2023


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