How parents can help athletes transition from school to higher education

When your son or daughter is moving to College/University either in Scotland or to another country (e.g. the USA) it can be an exciting but daunting time for everyone. There are a few things that you can do to help promote an effective transition.

1. Planning is the best predictor of a successful transition

Spend time helping them to consider:

  • What life is going to be like in their new environment
  • What the daily routine will look like
  • How they are going to communicate with family and friends at home
  • How they are going to work with their new coach and potentially other players in their squad or team. What do they know already about the set-up?

2. Research the new destination

Find out online as much about the environment and the people (and culture in the case of an international move). Share the findings and get comfortable with talking about all similarities and differences. 

3. Reflect together on their past experience of change and previous transitions

Through sport, your son or daughter will have developed transferable skills that can help them to cope well with new experiences. The earlier in the year the planning discussions can take place the better but it is still very valuable a week to go than not at all. Revisit the discussion at least twice, if possible.

There are also a few other things you can do:

  • Encourage setting realistic expectations about what they are going to face and what they can expect from themselves
  • Encourage planned rest and recovery times both before they go and once they arrive into the new environment
  • Encourage communication with you, their friends and Scottish Golf staff and maintain a support network back home
  • Discuss how social media will be used and pros and cons
Date published: 27 June 2023
Date updated: 27 June 2023


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