Homage to porridge

Today (October 10) we are celebrating #WorldPorridgeDay and it’s a great opportunity to pay homage to the humble bowl of porridge, which can be jazzed up however you like.

Porridge is simple and easy to make as a meal or snack and we regularly recommend it to our athletes.

You may think oats are just a great source of carbohydrate to provide energy for training or competition but actually there is so much more to them.

Oats contain a reasonable amount of protein, which is key for recovery and adaptation (12g/100g). They are also a good source of unsaturated fat and contain a reasonable amount of iron, which is important for maintaining training capacity and keeping the immune system healthy.

Oats provide a good source of fibre, which is required for keeping your digestive system healthy. And besides being packed with nutrients, porridge is hugely versatile.

You can make it with various types of milk and can flavour it with almost anything, so suit your taste but also your nutrition needs.

  • Add some yogurt to boost the protein content
  • Throw in some berries for extra Vitamin C
  • Nuts and seeds can be added for more iron
  • Make with milk to increase the calcium.

Porridge doesn’t only have to be eaten at breakfast and can be a great post-training snack in the evening.

We asked some of our fellow sportscotland institute of sport staff why they love porridge:

  • Catherine (physiotherapy): “It is so flexible, you can add lots of different toppings to have it just how you want it.”
  • Kurt (performance physiology): “Perfect porridge prepares me for powerful performance.”
  • Mags (physiotherapy): “Sets you up for the day and cosy on a cold winter’s morning.”
  • Paula (Performance Lifestyle): "It fills you up and makes you feel warm inside." 
Date published: 28 June 2023
Date updated: 28 June 2023


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