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How to support #TrySomethingNew

Throughout August and September, many clubs and groups offer taster sessions to recruit new members. #TrySomethingNew provides a joint message to demonstrate the breadth of opportunities available, and highlights that there’s an activity out there to suit everyone!

Here are some ways to incorporate #TrySomethingNew into your content:

  • Encourage your network to #TrySomethingNew and find a form of physical activity that they enjoy. Trying a new sport or activity might seem daunting but being active can really benefit mental wellbeing.
  • Stakeholders can support this message and join the campaign by including the #TrySomethingNew logo (below) on posters/branding, and using the hashtag on any social media posts.
  • If you're posting about taster sessions or other opportunities for people to try your sport, include #TrySomethingNew in your posts and tag @sportscotland - we'll share as many as we can! 
  • You can also share the stories of new participants by asking how they feel after their first session, and sharing on social media using #TrySomethingNew



These can be used on any of your own collateral (posters, social media posts, certificates etc.) Click the links to download a full size PNG file.


Social media templates



Share our top tips


Example social media post

As part of the #FeelYourPersonalBest campaign, SAMH and sportscotland are encouraging everyone to get active and #TrySomethingNew to support their mental wellbeing. 

Add call to action e.g.

  • Want to try [your sport]? Here's how you can get involved...
  • We have loads of opportunities available here in [your area], here's how you can get involved...
  • We're always looking for new members at [your club], why not come along to our taster session?


Example Newsletter copy

As part of the #FeelYourPersonalBest campaign, SAMH and sportscotland are encouraging everyone to get active and #TrySomethingNew to support their mental wellbeing. 

This phase of the campaign highlights the broad range of activities available and the various ways to get involved in sport and physical activity. At this time of year, many clubs, groups, schools and universities offer taster sessions which makes it the perfect opportunity to #TrySomethingNew. 

You can support the campaign by incorporating #TrySomethingNew into any existing activity, and using the sticker logo on any assets.  

Find out more, including top tips for trying something new, at https://sportscotland.org.uk/feel-your-personal-best/trysomethingnew/


Tips for clubs

  • Remember that coming along to a session can seem daunting for new participants, even more so for people with mental health problems. It’s worth thinking through the experience from a new member’s point of view, and considering ways to make it feel as inclusive as possible. 
  • Make sure all information is easily accessible via your website or social media. Think from a new member’s perspective – what do they need to know? It’s worth having an FAQs section to cover things like directions, what to bring/wear, how to book etc. Even if some things seem obvious, it can be reassuring for new participants to have all available information in one place. 
  • Ask your current members how they felt about their first session – what were they most nervous about and is there anything they think could be done differently for new participants?
  • Have someone from the club ready to welcome new members and make sure they are clearly identifiable. You could also set up a buddy system to make sure everyone feels included.
  • Meeting new people is often a motivation for people to join a club, try to build some time in to the session or warm up where participants can chat and get to know each other. 
  • Profile some of your members on your website/social media, if possible a mix of ages, abilities and backgrounds to show who you are as a club.
Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 21 November 2023


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