How do community sport hubs work?

Guiding Principles

Each community sport hub is unique, and develops its own vision and values in a clear and simple plan. The common thread that binds all hubs together is that they work to be sustainable, and they follow these five principles:

  • Growth in participation
  • Understanding community need
  • Supporting community leadership
  • Offering a range of sports
  • Ensuring all the right people are working together

Each hub will vary in its model and structure but all should involve local groups and organisations. The community sport hub officer plays a fundamental role in bringing key people together. Working in partnership helps to develop community sport hubs and clubs in a sustainable way.

Circle Hubs

Download our community sport hubs leaflet for more information.

CSH Leaflet FC Visual

Date published: 11 November 2016
Date updated: 09 February 2017


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