Sport For Life

Welcome to #SportForLife. We all have our own reasons for taking part in sport, whether it’s fun, socialising, developing skills, improving our health or winning medals. Sport can change lives and we want people to enjoy as many of its benefits as possible.
Sport For Life, the new corporate strategy launched by sportscotland, outlines our vision, mission and assets and the approach we take.

Our vision
An active Scotland where everyone benefits from sport.

Our mission
To help the people of Scotland get the most from the sporting system.

  • Making an impact together
  • Making sport more accessible
  • Progressing to your level
  • Contributing to an active Scotland
  • Celebrating the benefits of sport

Our assets
From talented people to fantastic facilities and an exceptional natural environment, Scotland’s assets enable people to get active and involved in sport.

Our approach
To help us deliver the many benefits of sport to everyone in Scotland, we’re guided by six key principles.

  • Inclusive
  • Accountable
  • Responsive
  • Person-centred
  • Collaborative
  • World class

Our commitment to inclusion underpins everything we do.

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Date published: 29 April 2019
Date updated: 24 June 2021


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