How do community sport hubs work?

Our approach allows for each Community Sport Hub to be unique, however each are founded on the same three pillars:

  • Meeting community needs
  • Fostering community collaboration
  • Empowering community leaders

Each pillar contains two key principles which link to our corporate strategy Sport for life 

Meeting community needs

  • Inclusive - understand the barriers people face and proactively address them
  • Responsive - adapt what they do based on how they are doing and what's happening around them

Fostering community collaboration

  • Accountable - plan well, measure their performance and be accountable for delivering outcomes
  • Collaborative - develop and strengthen partnerships and collaborations across public, voluntary and private sectors

Empowering community leaders

  • Person-centred - listen to people and put their voices at the heart of their thinking
  • Continuously improving - do everything to the highest standard, whilst seeking to continuously improve




Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 3 August 2023


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