People will see and hear about a range of sporting opportunities and be inspired by the success of Scottish sport

A key component of Scotland’s sporting system is ensuring that people and communities have opportunities to watch, hear and read material that promotes sport.

Effective communications can encourage participation, by raising awareness of opportunities across the country to take part in sport, and aid progression, by promoting the success of Scottish athletes on the world stage.

We use a number of platforms and publications to inform and inspire people. Sport First is where we tell the stories of Scotland's world class sporting system. We use our social media channels as a vehicle to promote this content, as a driver for campaigns and as a means of engagement with our partners.   

Social media  

We use numerous social media channels to help us raise the profile of sport in Scotland and to connect with our partners, helping them to raise the profile of the work they are doing both online and offline.

Our main social channels are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn

We create social campaigns aimed at increasing the visibility of the wide-ranging benefits of sport and improve understanding the vast array of opportunities which exist to get involved in sport in Scotland.

Date published: 23 May 2016
Date updated: 08 August 2019


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