Evaluation of sportscotland’s work in ‘schools and education’ environment

In July 2017 sportscotland commissioned Research Scotland to evaluate our blend of support within the schools and education environment.  

The evaluation looked at the blend of support we offer along with partners through:

  • Active Schools
  • Active Girls
  • School Sport Award
  • School Sport Competition
  • Competition Organiser Training
  • Young Ambassadors
  • Young People’s Sport Panel
  • Facilities support 

The evaluation provides insight into what is working and how we can work with partners to develop and improve the sporting system in Scotland.

This is the second in a series of 'wider evaluations’.  These independent evaluations look in depth at how the programmes we deliver alongside our partners support the sporting system. 

Outputs from evaluation:

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Date published: 20 June 2023
Date updated: 20 June 2023


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