New Ideas - Our equality outcomes

We will deliver our equality outcomes through the “New ideas” strand of our equality, diversity and inclusion approach.   

Our new equality outcomes for 2021-25 are person-centred. They describe the changes four focus groups will experience because of our actions.

Our Equality and Sport Research 2020 informed our focus. The four focus groups are less likely to participate in sport and physical activity, are also under-represented in our programmes.

We will help people who:

  • Live in poverty and low income
  • Experience mental health problems
  • Are over 50 years old
  • Are part of our diverse ethnic communities

To experience these outcomes

  • I see and hear people like me taking part
  • I have a voice in the decisions that affect me.
  • I feel like taking part is for me
  • I can find opportunities that meet my needs

We understand each group is diverse and over-lapping. They include a range of protected characteristics. Our new outcomes respond to the common experiences and these intersections.

We will build on the networks and learning from our previous outcomes, as women and girls, people with disabilities and those living in areas of high deprivation are part of the diversity of the new focus groups.

We will publish our Equality Outcomes Consultation findings report by June 2021.

Equality outcomes consultation findings  

You can read more on how we used consultation to develop our new equality outcomes for 2021-25 and our next steps in the reports below: 

sportscotland's new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion approach

We recently presented our new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion approach. You can read more below:

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Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 5 June 2023


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