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What we do

Our role as Performance Lifestyle ™ advisers is to provide tailored, individualised coaching, mentoring and counselling services that support performance athletes, coaches and key personnel in all aspects of an athlete’s life – ensuring they successfully manage the transitions, challenges and choices encountered within the performance environment and in life away from sport. 

Our practitioners work one to one with athletes, taking a confidential and holistic approach. They listen, understand and consider each athlete’s circumstances when planning and making decisions. Practitioners have a professional duty of care to athletes to support their welfare and wellbeing throughout their performance journey. The range of areas covered include:

  • Dual career management: the integration of an athletic career alongside studies and employment

  • Transition management: supporting athletes manage changes such as leaving school, junior to senior sport, funding, retirement, injury and personal life

  • Professional and personal development: workshops, placements, development opportunities 

  • Lifestyle management: integrated planning, family, relationships and personal life

  • Preparation for a successful life after sport 

Performance Lifestyle ™ support is delivered regionally across the six SIS regional performance centres, at training camps, at home, at work, at school or university – wherever is most conducive to the athlete and their support network, which may include parents, coaches, teachers and employers. Our ultimate aim is to maximise the performance success of athletes in sport and in life. 

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Date published: 12 July 2023
Date updated: 28 September 2023


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