High Performance Programmes

The role of sportscotland High Performance Managers is to work with key partners to achieve sportscotland’s vision of building a world class sporting system that delivers consistent success on the world stage. Central to this is establishing and maintaining effective partnerships that support the development and delivery of strategy at a national, regional and sport level.

What we do

High Performance Managers work to support the people who are key to athlete and system performance – coaches, institute staff, sport programme managers and CEOs and sportscotland officers. Each High Performance Manager has responsibility for a number of specific sports and projects, and critical areas of work include:

  • Development and delivery of sportscotland investment strategy
  • Supporting Scottish and British governing bodies to implement sustainable performance systems
  • Developing a world class workforce to support the Scottish performance system
Date published: 12 July 2023
Date updated: 28 September 2023


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