Participant and community needs

How do you know how to understand the needs of all those taking part and the needs of the wider community?  

    • Have reviewed SIMD statistics for their local area and can identify the data zones of highest need

    • Can describe (with evidence) how the local community is changing and what opportunities and challenges there might be in the future

    • Recognise and understand common mental health challenges within sport and physical activity

    • Surveyed regular participants within the last 12 months to capture and measure any experiences of physical or mental harm suffered by those taking part in club/organisation activities

Tools & activities

Research & legal

Understand audiences with Sport England:

Watch, listen & read

Helpful organisations

Clubs and community organisations need to hold information on their members in a secure way (GDPR). Governing Bodies of Sport may already provide access to a membership management system, if they don’t, there are a variety of products on the market which can do this. Here are some examples: (This is not an endorsement)


Date published: 08 November 2019
Date updated: 17 February 2020


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